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We are LICENSED:INSURED:BONDED and a member of the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and we are also listed on Angie’s List. We have been in business for over 20 years, cleaning windows & cleaning out gutters. We have over 1000 customers and repeat customers as well. They are very much satisfied with our work. Our quality of work is superior. We spend a lot of time in making sure your windows are as clean and shiny as we can get them. Many of our customers recognize that too and that we care.

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Many of them brag on our quality of work and ask us if they can give our name out to family and friends. We have lots of referrals. We present ourselves in a clean and presentable manner. I have two employees that are very polite, mannerly and well respected by my customers. We have christian values. I do not allow any bad language, drinking or smoking on our jobs. I just don’t tolerate it. They both have good character. I'm proud to have them working for us. One of them is my son-in-law, the other one is a longtime employee.

We have the capability to professionally clean your windows/gutters. We are not just someone that gets in and out quickly. We spend great time on making sure your windows look clean as possible and making sure your gutters are cleaned out thoroughly and flowing properly. We DO NOT use a squeegee. We know by experience that squeegees do not do the job that you deserve. It may be a faster way but not the best way. The fastest way is not always the best way. The best and right way is the old fashion way and some people may call it (with a lot of elbow grease) and we do put a lot of labor into getting your windows clean. Our goal is to make sure they look the cleanest that they can be. Not how fast that we can clean them. We have something in our cleaner that really makes your windows shine and sparkle. We do not use any harsh chemicals in our solution. So if you want the cleanest and most sparkling windows around then don't let anyone clean them with a squeegee. You must know this, even though it may do a O.K. job but it won’t get off most of the stubborn smudge spots that have been on your windows for years. So let the professionals clean them the most effective way. With a spray bottle and rags (not paper towels) and a lot of elbow grease, other words just plain old hard work.

We use all professional products. The rags that we use is pretty much lent free. The best that I have been able to come across. So we look forward in making your WINDOWS shine and sparkle as well as keeping your GUTTERS cleaned out and flowing properly. We do guarantee our work to meet your satisfaction. We will not leave until you are 100% satisfied. Our goal is to make sure that you are very happy for the work we have done. If we have done that, then I know that we have done our job. And I’m sure that you will be a repeat customer and be added to our many, many repeat customer list. So we strongly believe in doing SUPERIOR work. And we strive very hard to do just that.

We Specialize In:

  • Window Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning (Inside and Out)

Memphis Window Cleaning Service: Giving You the Clear Picture

Let's be honest, no homeowner actually wants to have to deal with window washing. Nevertheless, it's valuable to have nice clear windows. It is good for your vision to have your home lit by natural light, and keeping the house warm with sunlight saves on heating bills in the fall and winter. Clean windows are simply a fundamental part of a clean house. Happily, a Memphis Window Cleaning Service can take charge of the job.

It can be dangerous to wash exterior windows of multi-story homes if you aren't experienced. A ladder is necessary for getting a window clean on the second floor. There is a danger of serious injury if you are scared of heights, or if your stability is weakened by a health concern. Heights are just a part of day-to-day work for expert window cleaning service professionals. You won't have to worry about your safety if you get a Memphis Window Cleaning Service to do the job.

Why Choosing a Memphis Window Cleaning Service Makes Sense

Getting your window washing done by commercial window cleaning services can save you the trouble of window washing for yourself. To do a good job, window washing demands a variety of specialized tools and products, which the Memphis Window Cleaning Service has on hand.

When deciding the number of employees needed for the job, the Window Cleaning Service will remove the screen from each window, clean it using a soft bristle brush. The next step for the Memphis Window Cleaning Service experts is cleaning the windows from the outside. There will be a certain set of tools and methods that your Memphis Window Cleaning Service likes to use for this work. Squeegees (otherwise known as strip washers), sponges, and water-fed poles are frequently used by a commercial window cleaning professional.

You can't get a window clean without a window cleaner fluid. If you have environmental considerations that you want your Memphis Window Cleaning Service to keep in mind, it is a standard part of good customer service to respond to these concerns, and to consider the needs of your community as well. They should have many types of cleaning solutions. You should decide which one you'd like them to use during your first meeting when you get a price quote. Environmentally problematic soaps with a lot of pollutants and irritants are not good for window surfaces anyway, so window washing companies almost never use them these days.

When the window is wet, the Memphis Window Cleaning Service expert uses a safe scraper to get off dirt that is really stuck to the window. Bird droppings, dead bugs, excess caulk, or tree sap will be stripped away. Next, the window is rinsed and dried off. Pooled or standing water is wiped up. Once the exterior windows are taken care of, the Memphis Window Cleaning Service professional moves on to finish the job inside the house. Window sills and track get really dirty from being used constantly. These get cleaned, and the screens are returned to their places. To ensure that there are no oversights, the Memphis Window Cleaning Service employee will go through the house one last time, fixing any imperfections. Furniture, interior fabric window treatments and drapes will be put back in place. Once you've tried Window Cleaning Service > window cleaning service, you won't ever return to doing your own window washing!

Memphis Window Cleaning Service: Taking Care of Those Little Extra Things

A Memphis Window Cleaning Service doesn't just show up with a bottle of cleanser and some paper towels. If they did, you should send them away! Anyone who does that is not from a professional Memphis Window Cleaning Service. Before being hired, a representative from the Memphis Window Cleaning Service will come to look at your windows and give a quote for the job. You'll set up a window washing appointment for a convenient time.

The window washing workers will be sure not to disrupt anything inside or outside of the house. They will take care not to interfere with furniture, carpets, window treatments, plants, and yards. It won't take long to notice how beneficial a professional Memphis Window Cleaning Service can be.

The Memphis Window Cleaning Service usually offers additional services, involving the kinds of tasks no homeowner wants to deal with. They'll let you know what they can provide. The commercial window cleaning service will be glad to provide an annual contract to keep your windows shining all year.

Brighten your Home with a Memphis Window Cleaning Service

Whether you've suffered through twenty years of window washing, or have just been putting off the task since you bought your home, your local Memphis Window Cleaning Service is glad to do the chore for you. Window cleaning is not comfortable or easy work, but with many years of experience, cleaners figure out exactly how to get the job done safely and well. They will take the task of washing windows off your hands for good, and even give you a hand with other important household services. You don't have to worry about grimy windows anymore. Call a Memphiswindow cleaning service today, and let in the sunshine!

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We have engaged the services of Mr. Rodnie Oliver many times over the past 17 years for cleaning the gutters on our home, seasonal window cleaning and power washing of the hardscapes. His professional work has always been of the very highest quality for a fair and reasonable compensation. Rodnie is a very honest and reliable person who performs his work in the most excellent and proficient way possible; always quiet, very neat, taking pride in his work, and always doing more than you expect. We have always been extremely satisfied with whatever we've engaged him to do! Others of his clients whom we know, have reflected the same impression, have praised his work and recommended him highly. I can truly recommend Mr. Oliver as doing the best job possible for what every you hire him to do, especially outstanding window cleaning. There's none better!
Peggy - Memphis, TN
Appointments are easy to make. Rodnie Oliver is always on time. Windows are sparkling clean. Very reasonable rates. I have about 50 windows. And I appreciate the good quality work that they do.
Barbara - Collierville, TN
He's very professional. And he comes when he says he will. I have been using him for a quite of few years. And I would recommend their services to anyone. They do excellent work.
Kent - Memphis, TX